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The Music Room

At The Music Room, you can expect fun, affordable music lessons from an experienced, enthusiastic teacher. You won’t find studio fees or small, stuffy lesson spaces here. Students learn in a comfortable home environment, receive quality instruction, and leave with confidence and pride in their accomplishments. The Music Room is located in the central area of Wilmington, NC, near UNCW.

Why Study Music?

Did you know that there is not a known culture, past or present, that doesn’t have some form of music? Music is universal! We use it as a means of communication, for entertainment, to express ourselves, not to mention it’s around us all the time. So shouldn’t our kids have a greater appreciation and understanding of something we interact with almost every day? When your child joins The Music Room, they will be learning how to actively listen, analyze, and respond to music using the correct terminology. They will begin to understand how music relates to history and culture. Studying music brings together multiple subject areas such as language arts, math, geography, history, and literature. Students work those critical thinking muscles as they evaluate classical masterpieces and learn about the lives of those mysterious composers who put their life’s work out there for the world to enjoy. And perhaps the most important reason to study music is as simple as that. It’s just plain enjoyable! Contact The Music Room today and embark on an adventure to a lifelong love and appreciation for music.

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Meet Allison

Allison is an East Coast native, born and raised on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She moved to Wilmington, NC in 2005 after graduating from East Carolina University School of Music with a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy. She began teaching music lessons in 2006 and believes that the level of success truly hinges on the level of enjoyment in young learners. That’s why she aims to foster a love for the piano while finely tuning those piano skills! Allison is also a homeschooling mom of three terrific kiddos and she loves to bake, so if you time it just right, you might leave with a warm cookie in hand. Be prepared for an audience during your lesson because she’s often followed around by her orange cat, Oscar, and her cairn terrier, Molly.